Welcome! So glad you’re here!

Those of us gathered ’round the Flourishing-by-Nourishing table are…

  • Craving yummy recipes for our AIP Paleo, AI Keto plan or other nutrient-dense eating plans
  • Ready for a health change and are carving out the first steps
  • Searching for community & resources to protect & heal our bodies and look & feel our best

No matter what you’re goals, I believe you can take steps in the rights directions–starting now.

How do I know?  ‘Cause I’ve been there.  Oh, yes indeed.

That’s me, Amy.  (And the darling guys in my life!!)  It’s three months after the beginning of my anti-inflammatory intervention.  (Read: real food, no junk, strategic nutrition.)

By throwing out lots of inflammatory foods and by supporting my body with a nutrient-rich diet, I was able to identify some pretty hefty food sensitivities, improve seasonal allergies, lose weight, and discover a confidence that was pure gold for this introvert.

I used a beautiful combination of a supervised ketogenic way of eating paired with principles of functional nutrition to look and feel the best I ever had in my entire life.  And I’m still on my health journey, healing, learning, tweaking along the way.

Our lil’ family may not be big, but between the three of us, we use functional nutrition and anti-inflammatory eating to support our management of a number of food sensitivities & other ailments.

Our Healing Journey Continues

Six months after that darling pic, my life fell apart as toxic mold robbed me of my health and my home.

Three years later, we’re rebuilding our lives. You better believe it: functional nutrition plays a big role.

 As a Functional Medicine Health Coach (Candidate), it’s my desire that you know there is hope and change is possible.

You can, too!  And you’re not stuck eating raw celery and dry spinach all day.  (Unless ya want to, that is…I mean if there’s guacamole involved, sign me up!)

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